Plot summary

Get acquainted, this is Zhorik

Here’s Zhorik, a “common folk” guy. Naïve, a bit rude, but everyone’s pal. He comes from the country to the big city and thinks that two months are quite enough for him to deliver a fatal blow to the nation’s corruption and red tape, become a cultured gentleman, infiltrate the business elite, and conquer the heart of a most beautiful and high-maintenance lady. Main thing, as Zhorik says, “to figure it all out and then make a cash cow killing, like, real quick”.

Kyiv of our times

Kyiv is the film’s yet another leading character. It was this city which inspired the director to make the film, that’s why hardly any other city can be imagined as its setting.

Every year thousands of Zhoriks arrive here wearing rose-colored glasses and hoping to succeed and build their happiness here.

A Hero of My Time is an attempt at examining and understanding of a present-day “small man” who lives here and now, builds their future without looking back at the past but often doesn’t know what happiness is. I don’t regard the characters of my films as strangers; I do identify with them. In this film I wanted to view a Ukrainian personality under a microscope, our weaknesses and flaws we so often keep in a closet. My film is an anthropological parable of sorts, a satire of an average contemporary East European person who is undergoing the process of “Europeanization”, putting forth “European values” but not yet quite able to let go of the post-Communist mentality which is rooted in them much deeper than it may seem at first glance. Of all East European countries, Ukraine reveals the Europeanization processes most vividly. My film might well be the first attempt at reflecting upon this process, with the humor that helped me be honest even about our least attractive sides.